COVID 19 Church Protocols

Government guidance for places of worship will be updated as and when further changes come into effect.

  2. All previous Social Distancing rules still exist e.g. avoid hand-shakes, high five or hugging one another, wearing of face masks or shield etc.
  3. In-Service face to face communication to Pastor Steve or any of the pastors to ask them questions or give information must be kept to a minimum.

 (via Head Usher only). Better to write and pass on your messages. 

  1. If anyone has the slightest of symptoms cold, cough, temperature etc ; please stay at home and seek medical attention and participate in the church service via Zoom. We should be our brother’s keeper 


  1. One way traffic system to enter and exit the building would be enforced to avoid bottle necks and contacts at entrances, ushers to direct members.

Entry Points:

From the main street on Herne Hill Road entrance

From the Car park entrance

Exit Points:

Through the doors underneath the balcony close to the stairs

Doors to the Car Park (For the limited numbers who use the Car park only)


All previous rules on sanitisation and cleanliness applies e.g. the use of Hand Sanitizers  when entering the church from any of the entry points,  both adults and children coming from the toilets to be encouraged to use the Hand Sanitizers.

All Doors, door handles and rails and surfaces should being cleaned regularly all equipment including microphones to be cleaned and sanitized after use

    • Possible allocation of seat numbers 
    • Separate seating for the vulnerable and elderly, and they should be allowed to exit the auditorium while others wait 
    • Priority also to be given to Pastor Steve and Aunty Wendy to leave first maybe to the car or office. This is not because of age or any perceived vulnerability, but because he is our Senior Pastor.
  • All other protocols that have already been put in place would be regularly emphasised and monitored for compliance.

Thank you and God bless you!  Keep safe and well!